Lucky Shot USA - Decal Sticker - Owner Is Armed

Lucky Shot™ - Decal Sticker - Owner Is Armed

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Violent riots, looting, and physical attacks in cities across our nation make the best case for support of our precious Second Amendment. Many patriotic Americans have recently realized the valuable protection afforded us by our Constitution and are applying for their first gun purchase ever.

  • 6" W x 4" H
  • Made in the USA
  • 6 Mil Thick Vinyl
  • UV Coated for extended life
  • Water-Resistant

    Dimensions: 15,24 cm x 10,16 cm

    Product weight: 0.005 kg

    Materials: 0,15 mm Thick Vinyl UV Coated

    Packaging: Packaged in a transparant poly bag

    Pack: 10 pcs

    Pack weight:

    Pack dimensions:

    Case: 200 pcs

    Case weight:

    Case dimensions:

    Care Guide: